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EverWalk is now two years old. We have two Epic EverWalks under our belt, along with several thousand walkers signed up under EverWalk Nation.

Now is our time to bust out to capture our vision of becoming THE WORD in walking. Come April we will relaunch our site with a robust slate of interactive components, as well as cutting-edge information for all you walkers out there.


The launch of the 110.86-mile Club. You create a profile, page, log your miles. You hit 110.86 miles in any given month, you receive rewards.


Diana and Bonnie give a constant flow of tips—training, injuries, nutrition, gear, inspiration, links to recent walking research, routes, groups, events—as well as links to our social media platforms (FB, IG, Twitter).


AND MORE….meanwhile, continue to urge your friends to sign up for EverWalk Nation and take the pledge to walk a minimum of three times a week.

Every Nation member will start receiving the EW weekly newsblast, as of January, 2018.
We’re excited as heck….we’re walking….you walk, too.


Diana and Bonnie



EverWalk Future

After our second Epic Walk, EverWalk New England, September, 2017, we are planning on walking some of the most glorious outdoor corridors of our nation. Walks such as Vancouver to Seattle, Philadelphia to NYC. Take a look at some of our proposed Epic EverWalk on the map here. 140-150 total miles is our ideal distance, for 7 days. Let us know if you have an exciting option for us to consider.


The plan in 2022 is for Diana and Bonnie to lead a 20-mile EverWalk in all 50 states, every Saturday a different state. 50 walks in 50 weeks. There is much to organize before 2022. Stay tuned.

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The EW Hub

We are building THE WORD for all WALKERS everywhere.

We invite you to The HUB for all the information you seek about walking. As we develop our unique platform, week by week, we also invite you to weigh in as to what you’d like us to research and add to the mix.

Our Founders

Endurance maverick Diana Nyad, the first person in history to swim the 111 miles from Cuba to Florida non-stop, along with her Cuba swim expedition leader Bonnie Stoll, are once again dreaming big.

Diana and Bonnie want to turn America into a nation of walkers; an EverWalk Nation - where millions of people commit to getting away from their screens and into the great outdoors to walk – for mindfulness, for fitness, and for fun.

Sitting is the New Smoking

-Dr. James Levine, MD

It's taken us decades to become a largely sedentary society.

It’s time for an epic revolution.