Pan Pacific Park, Los Angeles

May 05 - April 21

Los Angeles

We kick off the monthly LA EverWalks at Pan Pacific Park. Mayor of Beverly Hills, Lili Bosse, will lead the walk as our first EverWalk Ambassador. We are now recruiting Ambassadors all over the country, to lead walks in your towns at the precise time we are walking in LA, first Saturdays of the month. We will connect with you Ambassadors via Facebook Live as we all walk together.

Past Events

1. Key West Photo

EverWalk Key West Service Walk

April 02 - April 06

Key West, FL

We will walk 10 miles every morning, visiting a number of the Cuba Swim key locations from our four years of training in that heart town of ours. Then we’ll go up to Big Pine Key every afternoon and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, rebuilding from the severe damage
left in Hurricane Irma’s wake.

EverWalk-Boston to Portland

EverWalk New England

September 10 - September 16

Boston to Cape Elizabeth, Maine - 134 miles

New England was our second EPIC. We walk 20 miles a day on our EPICS, a bit shorter on Day Seven. A week journeying together through the classic outdoor corridors of our breathtaking country. From farmlands and 200-year-old red barns to the classic lighthouses to the rocky Maine coastline, we were enchanted up the coast every step of the way. Many wept as they crossed the Achieve Line. They trained, they suffered a bit, they overcame, and they achieved.


EverWalk Southern California

October 23 - October 29

Los Angeles to San Diego - 134 miles

This was our first EPIC. We strolled along the ocean’s edge, surfers and skateboarders and dolphins playing with us all the way. And we looked at the map of America, envisioning walking this same weeklong 134-mile distance to arrive at the Grand Canyon, the Capitol in DC, little Havana in Miami, the Lake Michigan waterfront in Chicago.