Our Ambassador Program

Every successful movement catches fire beyond its original founders. Diana and Bonnie had the first vision: A nation that walks everywhere. People always come back from vacations in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and say they walked miles and miles every day, but then we don’t tend to walk at all while here at home. EverWalk wants to flip that scenario. But it’s our Ambassadors, representing our passion far and wide, who are going to rise us up from a small wave to a tsunami of a national walking movement.


Become an EverWalk Ambassador

Diana and Bonnie envision our Ambassador map teeming with icons, each one zooming into a city/town in every state of America….and spreading to global points all over the world.

Diana and Bonnie are giddy with the huge arc of growth among our Ambassadors over just the past few months. With the help of our two Ambassador leaders — Victoria Price & Laura Petersen — the Ambassador program is now in full swing!

The foundation of our Ambassador program is to lead and grow First Saturdays in all these respective communities, from South Orange, New Jersey, to Naples, Florida, to Reno, Nevada, to Seattle, Washington. (A few Ambassadors simply don’t find the First Saturday of each month convenient to their schedules so they lead their groups on different days, each choosing various distances, various locations. Entirely their prerogative.)

But we by all means want all these Saturday walkers to discover that they live near each other, or love to walk early mornings in a certain park, along a certain river. We hope they will start to broaden their community and their frequency of walking together beyond the initial once monthly First Saturdays.

We look forward to the launch of our new Ambassador Resources section in the spring. The launch of our new profile and group pages will also offer walkers the opportunity to chat with each other within each group. Share weather forecasts, get together outside of the First Saturdays, help with injury issues, gear suggestions, new routes around town.

We are eagerly expanding our EverWalk Ambassador program. So if you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, or learning more about the opportunity to lead walks in your community, please email EVERWALK AMBASSADORS.


Resources for Ambassadors: COMING SPRING 2020