About Diana & Bonnie

About EverWalk‘s Founders

About Diana Nyad

25 million people worldwide rooted for Diana Nyad as she approached the Florida shore, at long last achieving her 35-year-old dream of becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida.

Diana is not one to quit. On her fifth attempt, speaking the words “Never Ever Give Up” to the wildly cheering crowd on a Key West beach on September 2, 2013, Diana may have been dazed and physically spent, but she showed the world what persistence and resolve can manifest.

Diana stroked the amazing 110.86 miles in 52 hours, 54 minutes, 18 seconds.

A worldwide response of inspiration came flooding toward Diana, from personal messages from President Obama and Hillary Clinton to literally millions of people who felt their own lives lifted with Diana’s “Find a Way” philosophy.

Diana has motivated the world at large to live fearlessly, to chase one’s dreams with unwavering commitment.

The second statement the victorious 64-year-old made on that Key West beach: “You’re never too old to chase your dreams.” And her third statement on that historic day:

“It looks a solitary sport, but it takes a TEAM.”

Courage, bold vision, and the ability to articulate her philosophies have propelled Diana through an inspiring life.

A prominent sports journalist, filing for National Public Radio, ABC’s Wide World of Sports, The New York Times and others, Diana has carved her place as one of our compelling storytellers and sought-after public speakers. .

In September, 2019, Diana’s stage show “The Swimmer” played to sold-out audiences at the storied Minetta Lane Theater in New York City.

Diana’s memoir, Find a Way, has earned worldwide praise. She has written three other books and speaks French and Spanish fluently.

Diana and her Cuba Swim Head Handler Bonnie Stoll have launched an initiative called EverWalk, intending to turn us from a sedentary nation to a nation of millions of walkers.

EverWalk is five years old now, with many EPIC walks (7 days each through various outdoor corridors of America) and a growing online virtual walking community.

And the new EverWalk initiative, Oceans Commit, launches 2020 with walks dedicated to gathering commitment signatures from both individuals and businesses to reduce their single use plastic.


About Bonnie Stoll

Bonnie Stoll was a superstar on the Professional Racquetball Tour through the 1980s, rising to #5 in the country. Bonnie met legendary athlete Diana Nyad during her racquetball career and the two of them became inseparable friends and training partners.

After receiving her BS undergraduate degree in Physical Education from the University of Connecticut, Bonnie taught high school Physical Education in Connecticut for three years.

She then moved to California in 1989 and launched her 30-year successful personal trainer career “Workout Results”, with a long list of well-known clients, from Rod Stewart to Diana Ross.

Bonnie and Diana ran a successful fitness company,  BravaBody, for five years, appearing regularly on Good Morning America.

 When Nyad embarked on the revival of her endurance swimming career, in her 60s, she naturally turned to Stoll to serve as her Head Handler.

Together, the duo achieved what nobody ever had—Nyad in the ocean, Stoll on the adjacent escort boat—the 110.86-mile continuous swim from Cuba to Florida. 

Again together, Nyad and Stoll founded a national walking initiative, EverWalk, in 2016. They have to date led what they brand as EPIC walks—from Boston to Maine, Vancouver to Seattle, Los Angeles to San Diego, and Philadelphia to Washington DC.

Add to that their annual Service Walk in Key West, half days walking, half days volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. And the current EverWalk initiative Oceans Commit will lead walks with a goal of signing masses of individuals and companies to reduce single-use plastics.

Bonnie also appeared off Broadway, at the Minetta Lane Theater, in Diana’s play “The Swimmer”, to rave audience response. Their show hit the all-time box office record for the theater.