We here at EverWalk believe that autumn may well be the best season for walking. After the heat and humidity of summer, we all enjoy the cooler, crisper weather along with the beauty of fall flowers and foliage. What a glorious time of year! To get the most out of this beautiful season, we’d like to share some tried-and-true EverWalk tips for autumn walking.

DRESS IN LAYERS: Walking and layering go hand in hand. As you start out on a cooler morning, it can sometimes take a moment to warm up. So, it’s important to keep your muscles warm at the beginning of your walk in order to ease into things. To do that, be sure to layer when you head out. . . and then shed your layers as you go. Plus, if you feel yourself getting a little chilly toward the end of your outing, you can always layer back up! We recommend wicking clothing — because it’s both lightweight and wicks the sweat away from your body. It also won’t stay sodden if you do run into a downpour. So you’ll stay warmer. A good windproof waterproof jacket may be your most important fall clothing. Block the wind, and you’ll stay warm. And it goes without saying that getting wet is never fun. Layer up for more fall fun!

WEAR A HAT: Even though it’s not the heat of summer, wearing a hat is still very important in the fall. Hats not only keep the sun off of your face, but also keep the warmth in. A lot of heat escapes from the tops of our heads, so hats keep us both warm and cool!

WEAR THE RIGHT SOCKS & SHOES: A good pair of waterproof shoes is very useful in the fall. Even if it’s not raining, the ground may be damp from evening weather or even the dew. Having dry feet goes a long way to making your walk more enjoyable — and preventing blisters. We also highly recommend thin wool socks in the shoulder seasons. Cotton socks bunch and clump, which can cause blisters and irritation. Wool dries more quickly and keeps your feet warm or cool as needed.

DRINK WATER: It’s easy to remember how important water is for us all during hot weather. But sometimes, as the weather gets cooler, we forget to bring water with us. If you’re going on a long walk, be sure to walk with water. (And remember, we here at EverWalk are no longer using single-use plastic bottles!) Have a good long swig of water before you head out, and be sure to hydrate after a walk. Remember, even if you’re not sweating, you still need to hydrate for you to have the most enjoyable walk possible. Water is good for every part of your body!

CHECK THE WEATHER: Fall weather can be changeable weather. Heat, cool, sun, clouds. You never know from day to day in many parts of the country. For the most enjoyable walk each day, check the weather the day before. Many weather apps now suggest the best times each day for taking a walk. If you have some flexibility about when you can walk, choose the best time for that day.

ENJOY THE BEAUTY: One of the most wonderful things about the autumn is that the same route can look so different from day to day. Walking in the fall is a great way to learn how to be present, grateful and not take things for granted. One night of rain or wind can change everything. Full trees suddenly empty of leaves, paths go from clear to covered in fallen fall foliage. Trees change color at different times. Summer flowers give way to fall flowers. Fall is a great time to really look deeply and practice gratitude for your daily walking paths — and enjoy them deeply. Try taking photos or stopping to smell the last of the roses. Winter is coming, so be sure to enjoy this fall!

LOOK FOR MIGRATING BIRDS: Spring and fall are prime time for birdwatchers. In addition to your favorite local birds, migrating birds pass through during these two seasons. So keep an eye out for birds you don’t usually see. Keep an ear out for a different song. You can find out some of the areas near you where migrating birds visit — birds, like people, are creatures of habit — and these are often wonderful places to walk and look! Birds make marvelous walking companions!

BE PRESENT: Winter is coming, so fall is a wonderful time to learn the great lesson of walking. . .and life. Be present. Be grateful. Be here NOW!

Enjoy the most wonderful time of year for walking — and please use the comments to add your tips for making autumn walks even more joyful!