EverWalk is thrilled to launch our beta test of the EverWalk Mile — and we need your help to make this walking initiative universal, powerful, fun and motivating for every kind of walker.

As Diana wrote in her recent blog about the EverWalk Mile, “The timing is perfect — with millions around the country walking a bit every day, as in some cases our only source of both exercise and emotional relief during this Covid era — to hook into the current collective joy and safety of walking.”

From the very beginning, EverWalk‘s founders have imagined an “American culture that makes daily walking as natural, as automatic, as brushing one’s teeth.”

They have said, “When we were searching for a name for our movement, we chose EverWalk because the word “ever” connotes Everybody, Everywhere, Forever. A lifetime daily activity. A habit.”

Now it is time to beta test this new program with YOU EverWalk Nation —
to make it the best program it can be!

Starting now, you can download this EverWalk Mile calendar from THIS LINK!

You mark off your EverWalk Mile each day. By July 31, you’ll take a look at your calendar and see how many days you’ve red-checked.

If you’ve walked a mile for 22 days, fantastic!! We all lead busy lives, and we’re heading into the heat of summer. 22 days is fantastic.

Now, next month, go for more. We’re hoping you are going to so love the commitment to yourself of getting outside for a mile (15 – 30 minutes depending on your speed and stride) each day, that one day going without your mile will seem as crazy as not brushing your teeth!

Eventually your EverWalk Mile will become a habit! And, as Gandhi wrote, “Your actions become your habits, your habits become your values.” The value of movement, of getting up and getting out for just 20 minutes a day is undeniable — and we trust you’ll find that out for yourself by simply committing to walking the EverWalk Mile once a day!


We’ve created a few places place where you can participate in our Beta Test. 

The first one is the EverWalk Mile Club on the Nation Network. You can join it by clicking HERE!

Meet other EverWalk Milers, find a walking buddy, share photos of your journey, encourage others, offer to buddy up!

Second, sign up to track your EverWalk Mile on Walker Tracker. This is our virtual walking app where you can virtually walk with EverWalkers from all over the world. If you’ve already signed up for Walker Tracker, the EverWalk Mile Challenge will go live on July 1.

If you want to learn more about Walker Tracker, email for info HERE.


Everyone who joins the EverWalk Mile Club on the Nation Network and commits to making the EverWalk Mile a daily habit will receive coupons/discount codes for healthy products. We’ve got two great companies on board right now — and more to start!!

Each month, we will hold a drawing and two EverWalk Milers will have the chance to be coached by EverWalk founders Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll. All you need to do is join the EverWalk Mile Group and commit to walking a mile a day.

Become a member of the 110.86 Mile Club: Studies show that it takes approximately 90 days to create new habits. Set a goal: Over the course of four months, walk a mile for 111 days and you will join this  exclusive EverWalk group — and receive a 110.86 Mile Club sticker! 110.86 miles is the distance Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Key West — at 64 years old on her fifth try! Once you’ve succeeded, you can mentor other aspiring EverWalk Milers.

There’s lots more information for you when you download the calendar. So head over and get it now and read all about our new program! We’re so excited to have you join us and to getting your feedback!

Thank you — as always — for being so stalwart, enthusiastic and joyful!

ONWARD! One EverWalk Mile at a time!!!