Become an Ambassador

Our EverWalk Ambassadors are the heart and soul of our EverWalk Nation.

They have taken the pledge to walk at least three times a week and be walking leaders in their communities.

They inspire others to get up from behind their screens and to connect with one another and the world!

They are the leaders of EverWalk‘s ONWARD!

How to Become an Ambassador

Do You Enjoy Walking with Friends?

So many of us feel increasingly isolated working from home. . .By committing to getting out and walking with others at least once a month, we begin to feel re-connected to our communities as well as to our planet!

The Three Ambassador Requirements

  1. Walk at least three times a week.
  2. Lead at least one group walk a month.
  3. Post photos of your group walks on our Facebook Group Page.

Want to Meet More Local Walkers?

Have you ever wished you had more people to walk with? Would you like motivation to get up and out and meet new walking friends? Let us help you organize walkers in your community!

Set up Your Ambassador Interview

To learn more about becoming an EverWalk Ambassador, or to set up your Ambassador interview, please email EVERWALK AMBASSADORS.

Meet Some of Our Ambassadors

EverWalk Nation is SO proud of all our amazing Ambassadors.

We’d love to introduce you to a few of them. . .

Check back regularly to be introduced to a few more of our Ambassadors . . .

and to learn about their passion for EverWalk and the groups they lead around the world!



Laura Petersen oversees EverWalk‘s Resources. She has been a part of EverWalk since the very first 7-day EPIC walk in October of 2016, down the California coast from Santa Monica to San Diego. Laura works at UCLA in the Department of Cancer Prevention & Control Research, managing data for studies of quality of life of breast cancer survivors. In her spare time, Laura loves to walk, taking pictures and looking out for funny things along the way. Her family includes her husband, Peter, and their two children (both in their early 20’s), all of whom also love to walk! Nature or nurture? Maybe a little of both!

Laura handles all of the communication and resources and details for the Ambassador program.

If you have any questions, please email her at 




Phil Kerins was born in Boston, but has lived in Germany, Seattle, DC/VA and now New Jersey. As a non-driver, he’s always been a walker. But joining EverWalk has brought his love of walking to a new level. In just seven months with the Central Park Easy EverWalk group, he has made several friends who share his love of walking. And because of the easy pace, he has been able to share one of his other passions – talking (and listening). In fact, he has suggested an unofficial name – EverWalkTalk.

Phil has been a paralegal at the same law firm for more than 31 years. At 70 years old, he has no plans to retire. He has been married to a Chinese woman for 19 years. He also loves reading, softball, tennis, and living in the greatest city in the world  – New York.
Ann Marie

Ann Marie

Ann Marie is a native New Yorker over the moon about returning home after 22 years working “abroad” in the Boston area. She’s made it her mission to plan exciting adventure walks with her faithful co-lead, Phil Kerins. Each Saturday you can find them trailblazing 2-3-mile adventures for the Central Park (Easy) Ever Walkers where you’ll meet an eclectic mix of returning regulars and newbies representing all the multi-cultural and ethnic diversity that NYC has to offer.

Ann Marie is a serial Greyhound adopter, having fallen in love after adopting her first retired racer 12 years ago. When not leading EverWalks or sauntering with her dog, Ozzie, Ann Marie works as a senior public health consultant for John Snow, Inc. She has managed non-profits as well as state and national government sponsored public health initiatives. 

Ann Marie says: “If you want to discover the best kept secrets of Central Park – come walk with us!”



Beth Brooks is from Austin, TX and has completed all four EPIC walks. She has been married for 40 years and they have one son who is 25. She loves to read and travel and joining EverWalk has opened up a whole new community of adventurous friends. Beth is always up for trying out new skills like curling ( yes, in Texas), trapeze, ziplining, hot air ballooning, and of course, she is a swimmer.

She is a Certified Association Executive and in her career, she has been the CEO of 4 nonprofit associations. She is currently the Executive Director of the Texas College of Emergency Physicians. She is the author of “The New CEO’s Guide” as well as a speaker and trainer.

P.S. She is one of the luckiest people you will meet ( as in “wins a lot of stuff”).