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On September 2, 2013, Diana Nyad swam and Bonnie Stoll walked up onto Smathers Beach in Key West. Diana was the first and is still the only person to swim unaided Havana to Florida. 110.86 miles. 52hrs, 54mins, 18secs.

EverWalk was born from the Cuba Swim. First swimming, now walking, we travel the surface of the earth on our own steam, in awe of our blue planet. We engage our best selves. On the water, we were a team. On land, we are a community.

Now EverWalk is five years old —

and we ask of you something we’ve never asked before.

With minimum staff and few resources, save our own good brains and passionate spirit, we have achieved quite a bit.

(Four EPIC walks down long roads, an Ambassador program in 27 states now, a remodeled Web site, a robust community on our FB Group page, cool merchandise in our online store, a fun monthly Book Club zoom chat, a Key West Service Walk for Habitat for Humanity, our Walker Tracker virtual monthly journeys, the launch of our national initiative The EverWalk Mile, and the launch also of our activist movement OceansCommit

We’ve been thrilled, proud, to develop all these programs—and more—for you, our loyal EverWalk NATION family and we are constantly imagining just how we envision EverWalk evolving over the next few years.

The tag line for EverWalk has come to us recently, based on all your feedback, all the stories you tell us:

EverWalk: Walk with a Purpose

You may walk to keep your weight in check. To take part in your neighborhood community. To know your city better. To spend quality time with a friend or family member. To make your commitment to EverWalk’s long-term goal of making America a nation of walkers, not drivers. To relieve stress. To feel the empowerment of getting somewhere on your own two legs. To make your dog happy.

Next September 2021, with The Ocean Walk, EverWalk comes full circle back to our many years falling in love with the ocean. For Bonnie and me, our 2021 walking purpose will be leading our part in restoring the world’s oceans.

And we of course hope that our EverWalk programs and assets guide you toward your own walking purpose.

So here’s our big ask.

We could use your help. We would greatly appreciate your contribution to our work here.

Please lend us a hand, will you?

No amount is too small. We sincerely appreciate any donation you’re able to make, especially given these lean times. Thank you for supporting EverWalk in our ongoing mission!


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