When Diana and Bonnie at long last completed the historic swim from Cuba to Florida, there was one word that captured the effort, the spirit, the soul of the quest: EPIC.

So they got to asking themselves: “How can we share this EPIC feeling with a mass of people?”

Getting out into the open ocean limits numbers of people. But walking, what about walking?
They imagined walking the curvature of the earth, the same noble journeying they experienced in the ocean.

Along with other goals for EverWalk, such as a virtual online Nation, they imagined week-long walks down the great outdoor corridors of America, one day expanding to the world at large.

Both Diana and Bonnie have been lifelong athletes and coaches of athletes. They knew a handful of people would be superstar walkers, able to cover 30 to 40 miles per day. They also knew a few would not be as strong and might struggle with 20 per day. But 20 per day seemed the right number to mean someone would have to train seriously for six months, would have to dig down some days and find their true grit, would feel a huge sense of achievement if they didn’t quit over seven days. It proved to be just the right number to be tough and demanding, but achievable.

Our EPICS to date have been 135 miles over seven days. Six days at 20 miles per and then the final day 15 miles, to finish in time to celebrate.


We started with a Southern California coastal walk, Los Angeles to San Diego, passing the top surfing spots, the cool little ice cream shops, the vistas of Catalina Island out on the horizon. It was our first EPIC, 2016, and will always be special to us.

The next year, 2017, we started in front of the storied Boston Public Library, pushed up the coast along the old MA, NH and Maine cobblestone streets, the famous lighthouses guiding us north to Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

2018 we breathed the pure air of the Pacific Northwest, starting in the idyllic border town of White Rock, Canada, coming down through the evergreen forests to Puget Sound and the skyline of Seattle.

And our last EPIC, 2019, which we called The Liberty Walk, started as a full day tour of the iconic historic highlights of the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, took us over rural Maryland farmland into the revived great city of Baltimore and eventually through a tour of our elegant Washington, DC. sites, from the White House to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.