EverWalk EPIC 2019 – The Liberty Walk

August 26, 2019 - September 01, 2019

Philadelphia to Washington DC

Our fourth Epic will take us from America’s first Capitol, Philadelphia, to our current Capitol, Wash DC. From the renowned historic sites of Philly to the bucolic Maryland farmland to the seaport walkways of Baltimore and in past the grandeur of DC’s monuments, we are thrilled to present EverWalk EPIC 2019—The Liberty Walk.

Liberty EPIC 2019: Official Hotels

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Liberty EPIC 2019: Daily Schedule

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The Liberty Epic will again cover 134 miles but, rather than walk point to point, we will Day One cover a city tour of the history-rich sites of our nation’s first capitol, Philadelphia, and Day Seven make it a tour of the majestic features of Washington, DC.

The five interim days from Wilmington, Delaware, to the outskirts of DC, will in fact have us follow a direct route, with our Campfire Chats of inspiration at the end of long days.

Yes, we are aware the last week of August along that corridor can be hot and humid. We have contingency plans, in the event of truly uncomfortable temperatures, such as starting that day at dawn and finishing before the afternoon sizzles.

A big improvement this time: We will have dedicated buses with us the entire way. You can establish your seat, stow your gear, hop on for an air-conditioned break at lunch.

The terrain of this route is basically flat. You’ll find our EPIC four-month Training Guide on our site. Start early, put in the miles, get your gear thoroughly tested—shoes, socks, carry pack, weather prep.

As always, we have multiple distance options.

– EPIC Walker- Entire way, 7 Days, approx. 20 Miles a day
– Day Tripper- Walk a single day or multiple single days. You will check-in on site, the day you have registered for, and receive reg info and swag.
– Half Tripper- Walk a half day, starting at lunch, and finish with the group, approx. 10 Miles
– Virtual Walker- Walk with us virtually from your neighborhood or treadmill, and we will support you via Facebook LIVE sessions.

*Day Trippers + Half Trippers, each day’s meeting location will be released 30-60 Days before the event.

Hotels will be published by mid-March (price range of $125-$175 per night). We are currently negotiating group EverWalk rates. As for airfare, Labor Day weekend out of DC currently quite reasonable. Obviously, the longer you wait, those could escalate.

Celebration Events:

-We will be hosting a registration event on the evening of Sunday August 25th in Philadelphia where you will receive your registration documents and swag bag.
-There will be a celebration dinner on the evening of Saturday August 31st

Make EverWalk friends, find potential roommates, share tips with each other in our Facebook group.

EverWalk Nation – Walking Group

EverWalk is a movement designed to spark an epic revolution and get Americans outdoors and walking.Our founders, Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll, want to create a nation of walkers…an EverWalk Nation….

Pricing Structure:

For you EPICs, we suggest booking as soon as possible as rates will increase as the week approaches.

Registration Rates:

$699 – Early Bird Fee (if reserved before June 1st)
$799- Standard Fee (if reserved before August 1st)
$899- Late Registration (if reserved before August 25th)

Let’s go, EPICS! We can’t wait to walk this EPIC Liberty Road shoulder to shoulder with you!

Your leaders,
Diana and Bonnie


Epic Walkers (entire week) – $699 Early Bird Fee before June 1st
Epic Walkers walk the entire route from Philadelphia to Washington DC over 7 days.
We average 20-mile days, with short rest stops at 5 and 15 miles, a longer rest stop at lunch at 10 miles.
Each day, Epic Walkers will enjoy the lunch stop, then continue to the end of the route to the Closing Rally.

Day Trippers – $100 Registration Fee (per day)
Day Trippers walk the entire 20-or-so mile route on a single day of EverWalk. Day Trippers will enjoy the lunch stop, then continue to the end of the route and a Closing Rally. After the Closing Rally each evening, there will be Campfire Chats with Diana, Bonnie, and their special guests. During Campfire Chats, the EverWalk community will share tales from the day’s journey and from their life experiences. Finally, Day Trippers will be bused back to the starting point of the day’s route.

*Note- Parking will not be available at the starting point. Please find your way to the starting point via group or public transportation.

Half Trippers – $75 Registration Fee (per day)
Half Trippers walk from the lunch stop (daily distance will vary between 10 and 13 miles) on a single day of EverWalk. When Half Trippers arrive you will check-in and enjoy lunch and begin the walk. At the end of each day, Diana and Bonnie lead “Campfire Chats”, for walkers to share stories from the day’s journey and their life experiences. From our end point each day, we transport you back to the lunch spot via bus.

*Note- Parking will not be available at the Lunch Spot. Please find your way to the Lunch Spot via group or public transportation.

Virtual Walkers – $25 Registration Fee (Total)

You may not be able to make it to Philadelphia or DC to join us this August, but you can still join EverWalk! From your home town, your vacation, your gym, you can walk right alongside us. Send us your photos, your inspiring words. We will support you, and include you, as we walk all the way down to Washington DC. Receive our training tips and encouragement. Reach out to us with your training questions and comments. Get your EverWalk t-shirt via mail included!

After all, it’s the way of the world today….Virtual.

We welcome you to experience our next Epic EverWalk, virtually.

After all, it’s the way of the world today….Virtual. We welcome you to experience our next Epic EverWalk, virtually.