The Biggest Walking Initiative in America Starts with YOU!

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Over the past four years, Bonnie and Diana have created an Epic
Revolution, leading walks in California, New York, Florida, and
Colorado — as well as four 135-mile, weeklong Epic Walks: From San
Diego to Los Angeles, from Boston to Maine, from Vancouver to
Seattle, and from Philadelphia to Washington DC. They have inspired
EverWalk Ambassadors around the world to lead peer-based walks
on the First Saturday of every month. The EverWalk Nation is growing
in scope, size, and sheer enthusiasm. We hope you will walk with us
in this Epic Revolution!

“When I was swimming the world’s oceans, I used to feel the
gravitas of literally stroking across the curvature of the earth,
in awe of our blue jewel of a planet. Well, now Bonnie and I are
leading EverWalk Nation to stride across the curvature of the earth,
again wide-eyed at the vast blue sky that envelops our planet. We
walk for just plain exercise, yes, but we also walk to fill our souls with
hope,to connect with our neighbors and our communities, to imagine
whowe can be, what we can do. EverWalk is a mission of
empowerment.” – Diana Nyad

“Come walk side by side with us, either boots on the ground at
our events or virtually with our Walker Tracker programs. To walk
our earth is to engage, to lift our spirits, to experience the joy
and the enlightenment that comes with traveling down new and old
roads. Walking will set you free. And EverWalk will connect you with
a walking community with which to share your joy.” – Bonnie Still &
Diana Nyad

Our Revolution

Diana and Bonnie, post Cuba swim, led our first EPIC walk. We took a group 134 miles down the scenic southern California coast, Los Angeles to San Diego. It was a journey of self-discovery for each EverWalker and a strong bond among all our first-ever EPICS.

We launched EverWalk NATION, the pledge for each member to walk minimum three times a week, no matter the distance. Our lofty goal is to stand ONE MILLION member tall.

We started group walks in L.A. and starting May, 2018, will formalize those walks on first Saturday of every month. At the same time, we’ll designate ambassadors to lead first Sat of each month walks around the country and all connect real time via FB Live, find out where you are, who’s walking with you.

Our second EPIC was a classic. EverWalk New England again took us 134 miles, this time up the storied coast from Boston to Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We grew to 150 on this one and we again grew close. Many wept when they stepped across what we call The Achieve Line, having trained for four months and having suffered through some tough moments….but they never gave up and we all crossed The Achieve Line together.

2018 is our time to buff up our reputation as THE WORD in walking. Our site is building to offer every bit of information you’d ever want to know about walking. From injury prevention to daily training tips to links to recent medical information to profile pages where you can log your miles and find training partners who walk about the same weekly miles and pace you do.

May, 2018, is also our launch of the 110.86 mile club. When your profile page shows you’ve reached that number (the total miles of the Cuba Swim), you will achieve the elite club status. Incentives await you. And if you achieve 110.86 in ONE MONTH, you hit the EPIC level of the club.