EverWalk is a movement with a goal to inspire Americans to get out from behind their screens to become a nation of walkers- an EverWalk Nation. Millions of people committed to walking on a regular basis, walking together to reverse the impact our sedentary lifestyles have on our collective health.

We will rally supporters to this movement in two ways: EverWalk Nation and EverWalk events.  EverWalk Nation will be the backbone of the movement.  We want to recruit more than a million members across the country who will lead the EverWalk movement by making a pledge to walk regularly.

EverWalk Nation Pledge

  • I pledge to walk at least 3 times a week.
  • I will be an example to my family, friends and neighbors about the importance of walking and leading an active lifestyle.
  • I commit to be an ambassador for EverWalk‘s mission and want to get America walking.

As a member of EverWalk Nation, you will receive information about upcoming EverWalk events, walking challenges, ways to connect with your fellow EverWalkers, training tips, inspiration and motivation from Diana and Bonnie, and more.  We want you to share your pictures and stories of your walks with us on social media. We are very excited to see your walking adventures.  Use #everwalk and #everwalknation.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – @everwalkusa.

To help create visibility and drive recruitment for EverWalk Nation, there will be a series of EverWalk events through the great corridors of the United States over the next 4 years. Congratulations and thank you to all who participated in the first EverWalk event from Los Angeles to San Diego and across the country.

Make the pledge today!

Future events under consideration

EverWalk Future routes