The EverWalk Vision

Reach for Your Epic!

We humans used to be walkers. We walked out of Africa to Europe and Asia. But, especially in the United States, we have become sitters. We are now the most sedentary country on earth. We need to heed the warning:  Sitting is the New Smoking

For our health, for the connection of community, for the self-empowerment of moving on our own steam, we here at EverWalk are going to ignite a walking revolution.

This is a call to action. Let’s not let our lives slip by us on the couch. Let’s walk with our neighbors after dinner. Let’s walk to do our chores. Let’s walk our kids to and from school. Let’s look up at the strong trees and find equal strength within ourselves.

Walking is the EverWalk way toward imagining the EPIC within all of us.

Naturally, any and all movement is good for our bodies, soothes our souls. But walking is the universally easy, possible way for us to take care of our hearts, pump up our happy endorphin levels, and tighten our entire muscular structures.

We here at EverWalk applaud the 10,000-step concept, many of us stuck in an office most of the week. But we are all about the great outdoors. Trails, long country roads, urban exploration, our suburban neighborhoods.

EverWalk pushes you to walk out your door and open your eyes.

We often spoke during the Cuba Swim years of adventuring across this blue jewel of a planet of ours.

That blue of course referred to our oceans, what astronauts call the “blue speck”.

But we at EverWalk continue to call earth our blue jewel, now referring to the blue sky.

Yes, we encourage the community we develop in walking side by side, leaving our differences behind.

Yes, there is a freedom that comes with talking while striding together, as opposed to sitting hunched over a screen.

But what we truly want for you as you become dedicated EverWalkers is to discover your EPIC selves.

Gaze up at the magnificent blue sky, powerful trees, inspiring architecture.

Feel your power as you cover ground on your own strength.

Imagine who you want to be, what you want to do.

We call EverWalk an “EPIC Revolution”.

We want you to reach for your EPIC.

– Diana Nyad & Bonnie Stoll