The EverWalk Key West Service Walk


A Message from Diana & Bonnie

about Key West 2020:

Diana and Bonnie are honorary citizens (honorary Conchs, as we are called in the southernmost city of the US) of Key West.

This was our training camp home for four years, during our pursuit of the historic swim from Havana to Smathers Beach in Key West. 110.86 miles. 52 hours, 54 mins.

As EverWalk grew since we opened our doors five years ago, we always wanted to get back to Key West, not only to enjoy that magical town, but to do something for the incredibly generous people who had helped us in countless ways while we were there.

Just as we were planning our first event there, the Keys were hit hard by Hurricane Irma. Homes were flattened. People were devastated. The obvious thing we could offer was our EverWalk work force to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Each year we all enjoyed the heck out of every moment we shared there, but it was our work at Habitat that elevated the entire experience. To witness how much progress we could make on a home, with the residents working right along side us, to see that they were so very grateful to have people care about their plight, that has become the soul of our time in Key West.

The Corona Virus situation has pushed us to cancel, very last minute, our 2020 Key West Service EverWalk in Key West. We are all extremely disappointed, but we will go back. Just as soon as we can.