EverWalk has had the great good fortune to share the journeys of amazing individuals for whom Walking Is The Answer.

EverWalk has been an increasingly vital part of my life. When the country went on lockdown, walking was one of the few things that I could still get out and enjoy doing. The only problem was, I couldn’t lead nature walks at work anymore or join friends for a hike. A virtual walking group was formed and it introduced me to EverWalkers clear across the country from where I live. We began walking daily while chatting on a video call on our phones. Our conversations are always full of laughter and joy. We chat even if no one is walking and have forged some very deep friendships. Each of us has had health problems, trauma, and heartbreak to deal with in one form or another either in our pasts or since we became friends. We always lift each other up with unconditional love and support. I feel like this group was meant to be and we ALL needed it at the time it was formed. We call ourselves the Virtual Vixens and we are an unstoppable EverWalk FORCE of love, joy and support! I can’t wait until we can meet up one day and do an Epic EverWalk together in person.

Mel Grosvenor

EverWalk Naturalist & Ambassador

Starting New Years I began walking One Mile a day. I have lost 18 pounds, and my arthritic knees aren’t hurting like they used to. Thank you for your encouragement.

John E.

EverWalk Miler, Memphis TN

EverWalk and the virtual Key West to Cuba Walk got me through 55 days of strict confinement from March to May in a city apartment. I was so happy to feel like a part of a larger community that was devoted to walking no matter what or where or how. Now I am a volunteer EverWalk Ambassador for Paris South and South of Paris and hope to encourage others to enjoy walking together!

Lisa F

EverWalk Ambassador, Paris, France

Our EverWalk community is the family I would choose if I so could. You are my tribe, the people I want in my fox hole. You are solid, smart, caring, funny and, above all GOOD. Good as gold.  

Nancy H.

Epic Walker & EverWalk Ambassador, Minneapolis, MN

Walked with a neighbor at 5:30 am this morning. It was muggy but we saw so much wildlife with our flashlights. It was a wonderful early walk. Then I added 4 miles trying to set up this virtual classroom and being outside with my grandkids! Walking brings me a kind of peace that no other activity does! Finding EverWalk has motivated me to walk even when I don’t feel like it!!! Thank you EverWalk!

Cindy W.

EverWalk Ambassador


During the pandemic, the world came together through walking.
These EverWalkers share their story of how our worldwide community of walkers became a lifeline!

Jade Mortimer, The Berkshires, MA

Laura Petersen, Culver City, CA

Ann Marie Rakovic, New York City

David Ascher, Jersey City, NJ

Nancy Hanauer & Mitch Culbreath, Minneapolis, MN

Aimee Bass, Chicago, IL

Joan Tierney, Seattle, WA

Gabriella Greco, Los Angeles, CA

Ken Steinman, Tacoma, WA


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