EverWalk is first and foremost a community — a community of worldwide walkers. Founded by two best friends, Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll, EverWalk understands that it’s so much easier to get motivated and stay accountable— not to mention have fun — when you walk with a buddy.

It has been proven that having a walking buddy can do wonders to keep you on track. Here are some of the greatest benefits of having a walking buddy (in person or virtually).

We all have days when we don’t want to walk. Something hurts or the weather isn’t ideal or you’re in a funk, or maybe just not in the mood. But if you have a walking buddy, it’s a lot harder to blow things off. First of all, there is someone to whom you have to explain your reasoning — and even though we can talk ourselves out of lots of things, those things often sound less convincing when we have to say them to someone else. And it goes both ways. You can help keep your buddy accountable. And accountability equals getting out there and walking!

Having a walking buddy is fun — not just because of shared conversations, but also because it makes us see things that we might not have seen, or see things we often see through a different lens. Finding joy together is a huge benefit of having a walking buddy.

Burn More Calories
Do you know how you lose bodyweight? You breathe it out! Yes, it’s true. . .So when you walk and talk with someone, you actually use more oxygen than just walking and breathing already does — and that burns calories. You lose more weight by walking and talking! Plus, you get to have a stimulating conversation!

Push Yourself
Having a walking buddy helps you push yourself to get out, go a little farther, challenge yourself, pick up the pace. . .Two minds are better than one at creating and meeting challenges, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones when we need a little push!

A Support System
We all need support systems — and having a walking buddy fits that bill on every count. . .You can walk and talk. You can get encouragement when you don’t feel like moving. You can talk about things while you’re out of your usual environment. You can get advice or share it — on everything from walking and walking gear to family and work and life. Doing this on a regular basis can be a game-changer!

Change It Up
We all fall into that same old same old routine. We take the usual walk for the usual amount of time at the usual pace. Having a walking buddy encourages us to change things up. . .and not just in terms of where you walk, but even what you talk about, or your speed or your whole mood for the day. Even in walking, you can get into a rut, but with a buddy, there are two of you to consider — and that means you have to get out of your own head for a bit! Always a good thing. . .

When you walk with someone else, you learn different habits. Maybe it’s pacing or stretching or learning about nature. Maybe it’s how to be a better listener. . .We humans are meant to learn from one another and walking together can help us be better walkers and humans!

Walking together can make walking safer for a variety of reasons. Walking at night or in a secluded area, being more present, having two sets of eyes about traffic or tricky footing. Walking together is a way to feel safer. . .

Walk & Work
Taking a meeting while walking is a great way to brainstorm, get up from your desk or out from behind your screen. Or add a walk to your lunch break, and clear your head or clear work issues. It’s a wonderful way to expand or improve your working life!

Four-Legged Walking Buddies
A four-legged walking buddy is a wonderful walking companion. But how about a walking buddy for your four-legged walking buddy? Going on a walk with another dog can do everything a walking buddy does for you. New things to sniff and explore, learn better walking or training skills, and the fun of doing something together! So consider getting a walking buddy for your walking buddy from time to time!

Find a Walking Buddy
Try finding a walking buddy on the EverWalk Nation — or through an EverWalk activity. You will find that EverWalkers are supportive, interesting, encouraging, fun folks.

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ONWARD! Together. . .