Virtual EverWalk

Join Our Virtual EverWalk Challenges

In 2021, EverWalk is teaming up with Pacer to create new ways of tracking your walks for our EverWalk Nation.

You can walk in your own neighborhood while sharing your miles with EverWalkers from around the world!

This year, we are focusing on The EverWalk Mile. Not only can you download your EverWalk Mile calendar each month and mark off your steps, but you can also track a mile a day on Pacer using their GPS tracker.

Each month we also offer The 110.86 Mile Club. Named after the distance Diana swam from Cuba to Miami, each month you can measure your 110.86 miles in steps or GPS.

Membership in Pacer also offers Virtual Adventures, Fitness and Workout experiences, and much more! We hope you enjoy it.


Join our EverWalk Pacer platform in 2021 and walk with us!