Our EverWalk Ambassadors are the heart and soul of our EverWalk Nation.

They have taken the pledge to walk at least three times a week and be walking leaders in their communities. They inspire others to get up from behind their screens and to connect with one another and the world! They are the leaders of EverWalk‘s ONWARD!

Over the course of the past year, however, our Ambasssador program slowed because of the pandemic. While some Ambassadors have been able to walk safely, others have had to wait to lead walks. But now, as spring arrives and more of the country is vaccinated, we are moving forward again.

So, for anyone interested in learning more about becoming an Ambassador, this blog will answer some of your questions, as well as direct you to more resources where you can find an Ambassador near you or reach out about becoming an Ambassador. 


Q: What is an EverWalk Ambassador?
A: An EverWalk Ambassador organizes peer-led walks in their local area under the auspices of the national EverWalk program.

Q: What is the minimum commitment for me to be an EverWalk Ambassador?
A: You must lead at least one walk per month. Ideally, that walk would be on the first Saturday of every month. However, if you can’t, you may choose your walking day. 

Q: What are First Saturday walks?
A: We have chosen the first Saturday of each month as the day when as many Ambassadors as possible lead walks. Having a dedicated date each month when many groups will be walking builds camaraderie across the nation, as Ambassadors post pictures and share their walking stories on the EverWalk app & website.

Q: How can I connect with other Ambassadors?
Many of our Ambassadors use these platforms very successfully. The Ambassador Group Page on the Nation Network is a great place to connect with our Ambassador Advisory Group as well as other Ambassadors for tips and suggestions and just to chat about ideas.

Q: Who do I reach out to for help?
You can always email everwalkambassadors@gmail.com. We also have an Ambassador Club on the EverWalk app, where you can connect with  experienced Ambassadors around the country, who have great suggestions.

Q: Do you provide any EverWalk gear for Ambassadors?
A: Each Ambassador receives an iron-on patch to be used on a jacket or shirt, as well as a t-shirt.

Q: How do I order business cards, and what should I write on them?
A: E-mail everwalkresources@gmail.com to let us know you want business cards. Include your snail mail address, and we will send you some! There will be room for you to write your name, and either your e-mail address, or the web address to your group page.

Q: How can I find walkers to join my local group?
A: Start with your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers. If your town or area has a Facebook or NextDoor or Patch page, or local online event listings, try to post your walks there. Post physical flyers around your town, wherever it’s allowed.
You can also give a shout out on the EverWalk Nation Facebook Group page and on the EverWalk app & website.

Q: Do I need to lead a walk on First Saturday? What if I can’t?
A: If you cannot lead a walk on First Saturday, you may choose an alternate time that works for you.

Q: How often am I allowed to lead walks?
A: You may lead walks as often as you like, there is no maximum! Some Ambassadors lead weekly walks, some lead just one walk per month, and others vary. You’re the leader, you get to choose!

Q: Is there a link I can share with my local walkers for specific walking tips?
A: This EverWalk website has lots of great information, please check it out, and refer your walkers to it: everwalk.com.

Q: How do I plan a walking route for my group?
A: As an Ambassador, you have a lot of leeway in planning a route. You may choose a trail that already exists (either a loop or an in+out), or you can create your own.
One website that is helpful for creating your own route is: https://www.gmap-pedometer.com. Briefly, it allows you to zero in on a geographic area and plan a route, by clicking on your starting point and then clicking each proposed segment of your walk. It tells you how many miles you’ve plotted as you create the route, so you can tailor it to the precise length you want your walk to be. Often it is best to choose a loop, because that allows for walkers at all speeds not to feel left behind.

Q: Do all my group’s activities need to be strictly walking related?
A: A walk should absolutely be the main focus, but if people want to get together for coffee afterward — or arrange other social activities such as a holiday potluck — that’s fine.

We hope this will help you decide if the Ambassador program is right for you.
If you are interested in becoming an EverWalk Ambassador, please email