EverWalk Nation is a worldwide community of walkers who walk with a purpose.

For each of us, the purpose may be different, but as a Nation, we come together to support one another however, whyever, wherever we walk.

How do we support each other? These days, it’s mostly been online.

We have had a wonderful EverWalk Nation Facebook group page, as well as our Activity Feeds and Clubs on the EverWalk Nation website.

But in a time when we are being asked to spend so much time on our screens, we found people wanted EASY. One-stop shopping, as it were.

And so much of the wonderful content and interaction was being missed.

Which is why we have upgraded our EverWalk Nation online presence through our new app and website. Call it our EverWalk Easy Button.

Now you can access all our EverWalk Nation content and clubs and resources on the web, a tablet or a phone with equal ease. This is a private site — so no social media giants own these photos and posts you are sharing. You will not find ads for toilet paper popping up right in the middle of a post. But you will find what is the best part of EverWalk Nation.

Our EverWalkers! Our supportive, kind, funny, joyful, curious, adventurous community of fellow walkers.

If you are just starting out walking, you can join The One Mile Club, where you can find encouragement in getting in The EverWalk Mile each day. You can even click a link and track your miles using our Pacer platform.

And of course, there are all the rest of our wonderful clubs: Nature Club, Book Club, Snapshot Club.
But there are more.

If you’re thinking of taking a walking trip OR looking for someplace to walk on your next work trip OR if you feel like there’s a great place to walk near you, check in at the Which Way Travel Club. PLUS we now have resources which we will be posting for some of the great walks of the world.

Last week our New York City Central Park Ambassador checked into our Gearhead Group to see if anyone had recommendations for the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Another EverWalker checked in with suggestions that helped her — and now there are links to some great options and an interesting ongoing discussion.

In this group and in Gear Up!, we focus on the equipment-related aspect of walking — sharing all kinds of resources for walking gear. . .so check it out!

BUT, by far, the coolest aspect of the New EverWalk Nation is a new home for EverWalk founders, Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll. Each week they will check in on Bonnie & Diana: Q & A — and share training tips, ask you questions, and answer yours. . .They will also Livestream on the app, which is really exciting.

It’s easy to join.

From your web browser: https://nation.everwalk.com/signup

From your mobile phone or tablet: http://onelink.to/everwalkapp

Read the Users Guide online: https://stonly.com/guide/en/your-everwalk-app-dPMD4Dlhc4/Steps/

We look forward to seeing you and getting to know you on the new EverWalk Nation!!!