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In our EverWalk World, the soul of our commitment is to walk a mile a day.
And, to be clear, this is a different commitment than walking once or twice a week longer distances.
The EverWalk Mile is a life-spirit commitment. It’s the concept of folding in that mile, come hook or come crook, into your lifestyle.
By all means, embrace your adventures of five, eight, ten miles.
But we are pushing you to also make ONE MILE your everyday commitment.

So why not make 2022 your time to groove that mile into the happy habits of your days?
Look at it this way: You say to yourself at age 90:  Imagine that:  I’ve been walking a mile every day for the past 37 years!
Imagine what that commitment will mean to the whole of your life.

-Diana Nyad, EverWalk co-founder



Blogs by Diana Nyad


The list of moments I miss over this past month, since my heartthrob hounddog Teddy died, starts with missing walking him every day. Many don’t take on a dog as a pet because the care for them is admittedly time-consuming. They are pretty much helpless and need us for...

Walking Through History

Are you curious about the things, the buildings, the nature, the history of the area through which you walk, yet you find yourself continuing to ask:  I wonder when that house that looks different than the others on the street was built—without ever finding out the...

Singing and Counting Cadence

 I was often asked by interviewers whether the long torturous hours swimming in the ocean were tougher on the body or the mind. My answer was:  It starts with the body. If those shoulders are not trained, if the whole body (swimming, along with cross country skiing,...

The Human Talent: Walking

We homo-sapiens have never been considered the primo specimens of physicality in the animal world. How to compare our strength and speed and agility—the attributes of athletes---to the superiority of the apes, the cheetahs, the blue whales? But there is one activity,...

Walking: Badass Enough?

Ok, here comes the confession. When Bonnie and I finished the Cuba Swim, an undeniably bad-ass endeavor—not only the final achievement of 53 hours non-stop swimming from Cuba to Florida, but also the thirty-five years of pursuit, the four previous hellish attempts,...

Walking Brings Happiness

We now know that movement in general—any type of movement—makes us feel better than sitting still. In many hospital settings where long-term care is needed, nurses tend to get their patients up and circling the halls, rather than let them sit or lie pretty much...

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

  Evidently, the phrase we all know, Walk a Mile in My Shoes, probably was taken from a poem of 1895 by Mary T. Lathrap. Ms. Lathrap had written: “Walk a mile in his moccasins”, the poem further asking the reader to imagine things from another’s point of view. To...

Escape Listening

The usual EverWalk party line is CONNECT. Connect with Nature. With your community, your neighborhood, your friends, strangers strolling in the park, fellow dog walkers. Connect with your brain vis a vis recent events, whether events of your own life or of the world...

One Meaningful Mile

Successful business people often talk about the crucial focus of “niche”. When we first launched EverWalk, and the very raison d’etre behind the name we chose, we envisioned a broad-sweeping concept of EVERYBODY, EVERY DAY, EVERMORE walking. People walking to work,...

Giving Tuesday

December 1, 2020 #GivingTuesday is on one hand an organization in its infancy and at the same time it has in only seven short years catapulted into a worldwide movement in which hundreds of millions of people simply “do good”. In 2012, The United Nations Foundation...

Training Videos
from Diana & Bonnie


EverWalk Nation on Instagram

This is what JOY looks like on an EverWalk Journey! #everwalknation ...

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."
#everwalknation #ghostranch #newmexicotrue

EverWalk = Friends for Life #everwalknation #santafe ...

Walking teaches us much about living -- and some days are just an upward climb. But if you put one foot in front of the other, you will -- as our EverWalk founder @DianaNyad shows us in this photo taken at @BandelierNPS -- always find a way. #findaway #diananyad #nyad #everwalk ...

As EverWalk Founder @DianaNyad avers, "The best thing about EverWalk is the people!" Here's a group of very happy EverWalkers from around the country on the old bridge at @GhostRanchorg in Abiquiu on our recent EverWalk New Mexico Journey. #everwalknation #ghostranch #newmexicotrue ...

Here at EverWalk, our rallying cry is "Onward!" Rain or shine, dirt or road, all over the world -- we walk onward!
Thanks to Betty Etc for capturing this photo of EverWalkers Paula Monroe and Marilyn Menick. #everwalknation

Betty Etc from New York captured this pic of Jade Mortimer from Massachusetts, Beth Brooks from Texas, naturalist Mel Grosvenor from Ohio, and Marilyn Menick from Florida finding a very artistic cairn on one of our Northern New Mexico walks last week. EverWalk Nation is diverse, fun, funny, curious, and huge-hearted. Come walk with us! #everwalknation #newmexxicotrue ...

EverWalk began as the inspired vision of these two powerhouse women and lifelong best friends -- @Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll. Every EverWalk they lead begins with stretches led by Bonnie and an inspirational talk followed by a call to action on the bugle by Diana. If you haven't experienced an EverWalk with Diana & Bonnie, join an EverWalk Journey! #everwalk #diananyad #nyad ...

The EverWalk Story

Endurance Maverick Diana Nyad never gave up! Over 35 grueling years and five life-and-death attempts, at 64 years old, Diana finally become the first individual in history to swim the 110.86 miles between Havana and Key West. Trainer Bonnie Stoll, Diana’s longtime best friend, served as the intrepid expedition leader of every Cuba Swim. They have now channeled their Epic spirit in creating EverWalk — the biggest walking initiative in the world!

Diana and Bonnie aim to inspire a million people to rocket the current walking wave into a tsunami. Get up. Get out into the magnificent outdoors. Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town. Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream. Let’s together turn America into an EverWalk NATION!

Join the EverWalk Nation

Make the EverWalk Pledge

Your first literal step is to vow to walk at least three times a week. You may already be a dedicated walker. You may not have laced up a pair of sneakers in many years. Let’s walk together. We’ll provide you with routes, walking buddies, training tips, new research on walking. We will connect you to an extraordinary community of worldwide walkers. Join us – and let us help you become a lifelong EverWalker.

Our Epic Revolution

Come walk side by side with us! To walk our earth is to engage, to lift our spirits, to experience the joy and the enlightenment that comes with traveling down new and old roads. Walking will set you free. And EverWalk will connect you with a walking community with which to share your joy.

– Diana Nyad


About EverWalk

Diana and Bonnie have a powerful vision. They aim to inspire a million people to rocket the current walking wave into a tsunami. Get up. Get out into the magnificent outdoors. Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town. Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream. Let’s turn America into an EverWalk NATION!






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