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The Value of Movement

All my life I’ve lived by the health and happiness edict that daily movement beats prescriptions, except of course in dire medical situations.  From the time I could walk, I grabbed onto my father Aris Nyad’s joy in the great outdoors. We swam to the ocean floor,...

Ambassador Up! Inspired Ideas from Ann Marie Rakovic

I secretly wanted to become an Ambassador ever since I found out about EverWalk but thought I was an unworthy candidate. It just seemed daunting to me given severe and debilitating osteoarthritis in my right ankle, which is sometimes incapacitates me due to pain and...

The Poetry of Walking

Science tells us that walking alleviates stress and anxiety better than almost anything else. The amygdala, which is one of the oldest and and most primitive parts of the human brain, controls anxiety as well as decision making. (Which is why making decisions often...

Tales & Tips from Our Ambassadors

Our burgeoning EverWalk Ambassador program is the heart and soul of our EverWalkNation. As EverWalk Founder Diana Nyad says: "Every successful movement catches fire beyond its original founders. Bonnie and I had the first vision: A nation that walks everywhere. People...

The Enlightened Solitude of Walking

We constantly tout the value of community here at EverWalk. On our Ambassador-led First Saturdays, on our FB Group Page, on our EPICS through the great outdoor corridors of America, in our media statements, we speak of relishing the community of walkers we are sharing and always looking to develop further.

And yet with all that said about walking together, there is profound value in setting out on our own.

Water Water Everywhere

EverWalk began 2020 with this announcement: We will no longer be providing single-use plastics at our events -- and we encourage our Ambassadors not to provide them on their peer-led EverWalks. We’ve all known that single-use plastics have been (as Pope John Paul II...

Why I EverWalk

I walk every day.
When I don’t walk as much as I like to on a daily basis, I get antsy, anxious, antisocial — not to mention a lot of other unpleasant words not beginning with a.
As someone who spends far far too much time in my head, now that we are all glued to some “smart” device feeding us far more useless drivel than any of us could possibly claim to need, my daily existence feels like a constant stream of words, trivia, news, information, misinformation, and junk. I seem to have less and less idea how to tune it out, let alone turn it off.

Diana & Bonnie’s New Videos

EverWalk Nation on Instagram

Though we shot this for winter, the message is more applicable now as many of us are staying in! There are plenty of exercises you can do indoors for interval training that will build your muscles and contribute to your walking endurance and technique! Try jogging in place or jumping jacks to get your heart rate up and improve endurance! ...

We’re going to FRANCE! Tomorrow we will begin our next epic virtual Walker Tracker journey! We’ve created a route based on the storied Chemin de la Liberte (the Freedom Trail), to mimic the tough trip many, including Diana’s mother, took from Paris down to Lisbon, Portugal, to flee the Nazi regime during World War II. We are still offering 500 more FREE sign-ups for Walker Tracker. Sign up now at

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It's Monday, #EverWalkNation -- and WEEK 3 of our Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt.
Today: POST A PIC OF SOMETHING RED YOU SEE ON A WALK. Actually go out and look for something RED and share it with us! (Remember to tell us where you are!) And if you don't feel safe getting out, walk around your house and find something RED to share.

It's so important for us all to know that WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. So today, as you go out looking for red, picture all us EverWalkers doing the same thing. Just as we're all social distancing and soul searching and helping one another. We're in this together. And what's going to heal our world is just that: Understanding that we're in this experience called life TOGETHER.

This page embodies this spirit of connection every day. So today, LET's COLOR THIS PAGE RED TOGETHER.

TOGETHER we're all #EverWalkNation and ONE PLANET!


Keep your eyes open while walking, not only for your safety (and to be aware of #socialdistancing), but also so you can find coins! At the end of the year send in all the change you have collected and our board will be matching everything, and the top people who send in the most will be deciding which charity we should donate too!

"Freedom - to walk free and own no superior."
-Walt Whitman

DAY 12 of our Social Distancing Scavenger Hunt:
Post a pic you took of beauty you found in an unexpected place on a walk. (Like these nasturtiums growing out of a Beverly Hills sidewalk drain.)
Let's flood our page today with photos that remind us that beauty is all around us- even in the messy, mundane, unexpected, downtrodden places.
We just have to look for it! And then share it here (and tag us) or in our Facebook Group!

Our EverWalkers are the most creative! They like to stay safe, while also being stylish. Check out this awesome handmade mask by Jade Mortimore! Way to rep Everwalk and current safety measures!

Thanks to #Everwalker @KarenOsit for sharing this thoughtful list of questions that are great to think and talk about during these times. Join our lovingly supportive Facebook group now, we are all getting through this together! ...

Hey EverWalkers -- our new website has a new blog up each week about walking. There are SIX new blogs now -- including today's blog called Ambassador Up: Inspired Ideas from Ann Marie Rakovic. Learn how Ann Marie started her EverWalk group eight months ago and has taken it to become one of NYC's favorite Central Park activities!

The EverWalk Story

Endurance Maverick Diana Nyad never gave up! Over 35 grueling years and five life-and-death attempts, at 64 years old, Diana finally become the first individual in history to swim the 110.86 miles between Havana and Key West. Trainer Bonnie Stoll, Diana’s longtime best friend, served as the intrepid expedition leader of every Cuba Swim. They have now channeled their Epic spirit in creating EverWalk — the biggest walking initiative in the world!

Diana and Bonnie aim to inspire a million people to rocket the current walking wave into a tsunami. Get up. Get out into the magnificent outdoors. Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town. Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream. Let’s together turn America into an EverWalk NATION!

Join the EverWalk Nation

Make the EverWalk Pledge

Your first literal step is to vow to walk at least three times a week. You may already be a dedicated walker. You may not have laced up a pair of sneakers in many years. Let’s walk together. We’ll provide you with routes, walking buddies, training tips, new research on walking. We will connect you to an extraordinary community of worldwide walkers. Join us – and let us help you become a lifelong EverWalker.

Our Epic Revolution

Come walk side by side with us! To walk our earth is to engage, to lift our spirits, to experience the joy and the enlightenment that comes with traveling down new and old roads. Walking will set you free. And EverWalk will connect you with a walking community with which to share your joy.

– Diana Nyad

About EverWalk

Diana and Bonnie have a powerful vision. They aim to inspire a million people to rocket the current walking wave into a tsunami. Get up. Get out into the magnificent outdoors. Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town. Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream. Let’s turn America into an EverWalk NATION!

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Throughout the next few months, we will be finishing up the website and rolling out a brand new social network!

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