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Endurance Maverick Diana Nyad never gave up, over 35 grueling years, 5 life-and-death attempts, to finally become the first individual in history to swim the 110.86 miles between Havana and Key West. Bonnie Stoll served as the intrepid expedition leader of the Cuba Swim. They now turn their belief in Epic spirit toward EverWalk.

Diana and Bonnie have a new vision. They aim to inspire a million people to rocket the current walking wave into a tsunami. Get up. Get out into the magnificent outdoors. Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town. Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream. Let’s together turn America into an EverWalk NATION

Join EverWalk NATION here. Your first literal step is a vow to walk three times a week. You may already be a dedicated walker. You may not have laced up a pair of sneakers in many years. Let’s walk together. We’ll provide you with routes, walking buddies, training tips, new research on walking. Click here and let us help you become a lifelong walker. Allow us to welcome you to the movement we call EverWalk NATION.

Our Revolution

Diana and Bonnie, post Cuba swim, led our first EPIC walk. We took a group 134 miles down the scenic southern California coast, Los Angeles to San Diego. It was a journey of self-discovery for each EverWalker and a strong bond among all our first-ever EPICS.

We launched EverWalk NATION, the pledge for each member to walk minimum three times a week, no matter the distance. Our lofty goal is to stand ONE MILLION member tall.

We started group walks in L.A. and starting May, 2018, will formalize those walks on first Saturday of every month. At the same time, we’ll designate ambassadors to lead first Sat of each month walks around the country and all connect real time via FB Live, find out where you are, who’s walking with you.

Our second EPIC was a classic. EverWalk New England again took us 134 miles, this time up the storied coast from Boston to Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We grew to 150 on this one and we again grew close. Many wept when they stepped across what we call The Achieve Line, having trained for four months and having suffered through some tough moments….but they never gave up and we all crossed The Achieve Line together.

2018 is our time to buff up our reputation as THE WORD in walking. Our site is building to offer every bit of information you’d ever want to know about walking. From injury prevention to daily training tips to links to recent medical information to profile pages where you can log your miles and find training partners who walk about the same weekly miles and pace you do.

May, 2018, is also our launch of the 110.86 mile club. When your profile page shows you’ve reached that number (the total miles of the Cuba Swim), you will achieve the elite club status. Incentives await you. And if you achieve 110.86 in ONE MONTH, you hit the EPIC level of the club.