We are a worldwide walking community founded in 2016 by Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll.

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To walk our earth is to engage, to lift our spirits, to experience the joy and enlightenment that comes with traveling down new and old roads, together. Walking will set you free. And EverWalk will connect you with a worldwide community of fellow walkers!

Diana Nyad & Bonnie Stoll


Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll founded EverWalk in 2016 to inspire and encourage people around the world to get up, get out into the magnificent outdoors, and walk together!

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In our EverWalk World, the soul of our commitment is to walk a mile a day.
And, to be clear, this is a different commitment than walking once or twice a week longer distances.
The EverWalk Mile is a life-spirit commitment. It’s the concept of folding in that mile, come hook or come crook, into your lifestyle.
By all means, embrace your adventures of five, eight, ten miles.
But we are pushing you to also make ONE MILE your everyday commitment.

So why not make 2022 your time to groove that mile into the happy habits of your days?
Look at it this way: You say to yourself at age 90:  Imagine that:  I’ve been walking a mile every day for the past 37 years!
Imagine what that commitment will mean to the whole of your life.

-Diana Nyad, EverWalk co-founder


Embrace the magic of Fall this October in the Hudson River Valley, New York. Enjoy three spectacular 10-mile autumn walks led by EverWalk founders Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll. Meet EverWalkers from around the world. Learn about the history and nature of the region. Enjoy local meals and evening excursions, including an oil-lamp walking tour of the famed Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. Make lifelong friends as you walk together on this EverWalk Journey!

The EverWalk Blog

Walk It Out: A Mile a Day for Mental Health

The news is brutal right now: war, disease, climate change, shootings. It is hard not feel some sense of anxiety, despression, or stress. Here at EverWalk, we advocate walking to help ease the stress and anxiety so many are feeling these days. OUR MENTAL HEALTH When...

Geocaching & Orienteering: More Ways to Walk with a Purpose

Here at EverWalk, we like to walk with a purpose. . . and one purpose can be finding ways to have more fun on your walks — by making them more like games or adventures. They are both great ways for family or friends to walk together. That’s why either geocaching or...

They Walk to Remember 9/11

Today we take a moment to honor the lives lost twenty years ago today — on September 11, 2001 — by sharing some of the ways those lives have continually been honored through individuals who have walked, run and even climbed to remember. To never forget. PAULIE'S PUSH...


The list of moments I miss over this past month, since my heartthrob hounddog Teddy died, starts with missing walking him every day. Many don’t take on a dog as a pet because the care for them is admittedly time-consuming. They are pretty much helpless and need us for...

Reading About Walking: Books About Journeys

EverWalk’s founders, Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll, started a virtual book club during the pandemic, during which they have lead lively discussions on many great books about walking — as well as other inspirational journeys. For any walkers out there looking to read a...

The Power and Purpose of a Pilgrimage

What is a pilgrimage and why do so many people continue to be drawn to this kind of epic walking experience? Historically, a pilgrimage has been defined as a journey — often a long one — made to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion. Although some pilgrims,...

The Climate Science of Urban Cooling Corridors

The news this week about global climate change is NOT good. . .Anyone who is interested in environmental science knows that the clock has been ticking for quite a while on how long humans can go on destroying the planet before it becomes unlivable. . .Well, we are now...

Walking Through History

Are you curious about the things, the buildings, the nature, the history of the area through which you walk, yet you find yourself continuing to ask:  I wonder when that house that looks different than the others on the street was built—without ever finding out the...

Plastic-Free July: What’s Shoes Got To Do With It?

What do shoes have to do with Plastic-Free July? Well, did you know that most shoes are terrible for our environment? The majority use unsustainable materials — and shoe production accounts for a fifth of the fashion industry’s environmental impact, generating 1.4...

Is Farther Better?

At EverWalk, we love our epic walkers — those folks who head out for fifteen, twenty, fifty miles a day — and seem none the worse for the wear, but rather invigorated by long distances they cover. They certainly embody the epic in walking. But for many people, a long...

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Fall is coming. . .as captured by our Minneapolis Ambassador Nancy Hanauer. Is this best time of the year for walking?? Then Walk On! #everwalknation ...

At EverWalk, our founders @DianaNyad and Bonnie Stoll LOVE to walk -- and we LOVE to walk with them! #everwalknation ...

Rain or shine, we EverWalk! Like Judy Peterson and her Michigan walking group. . . We walk no matter the weather. #everwalknation ...

Here at EverWalk, we believe that walking together creates community and connection. . .and even reconciliation -- as it does every First Saturday for our Tacoma Ambassador Ken Steinman and friends. #everwalknation #tacomawalks ...

When you walk out into nature, you're not just getting exercise, you're getting peace of mind and a change of perspective. Share your walking pics with us -- as our Minnesota Ambassador Nancy Hanauer did with this beautiful photo of one of her walks. #everwalknation ...

The best thing about EverWalk is our committed community of compassionate walkers. Join EverWalk and Find Your People -- like our Calgary Ambassador Nancy Ehle! Walk with us! #everwalknation ...

Here at EverWalk, we walk together in the epic spirit of our founders, @diananyad and Bonnie Stoll. Join us! Be Epic!

Europeans explore on foot much more than Americans. . .so take your inspiration today from our Paris EverWalkers in this photo and explore your own area on foot! #everwalknation ...

Need some inspiration? Get outside and find your path -- like EverWalker Jade Mortimer did on this beautiful path in Vermont. #everwalknation ...

The EverWalk Story

Endurance Maverick Diana Nyad never gave up! Over 35 grueling years and five life-and-death attempts, at 64 years old, Diana finally become the first individual in history to swim the 110.86 miles between Havana and Key West. Trainer Bonnie Stoll, Diana’s longtime best friend, served as the intrepid expedition leader of every Cuba Swim. They have now channeled their Epic spirit in creating EverWalk — the biggest walking initiative in the world!

Diana and Bonnie aim to inspire a million people to rocket the current walking wave into a tsunami. Get up. Get out into the magnificent outdoors. Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town. Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream. Let’s together turn America into an EverWalk NATION!

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Make the EverWalk Pledge

Your first literal step is to vow to walk at least three times a week. You may already be a dedicated walker. You may not have laced up a pair of sneakers in many years. Let’s walk together. We’ll provide you with routes, walking buddies, training tips, new research on walking. We will connect you to an extraordinary community of worldwide walkers. Join us – and let us help you become a lifelong EverWalker.

Our Epic Revolution

Come walk side by side with us! To walk our earth is to engage, to lift our spirits, to experience the joy and the enlightenment that comes with traveling down new and old roads. Walking will set you free. And EverWalk will connect you with a walking community with which to share your joy.

– Diana Nyad


About EverWalk

Diana and Bonnie have a powerful vision. They aim to inspire a million people to rocket the current walking wave into a tsunami. Get up. Get out into the magnificent outdoors. Leave your screens. Talk with each other. Discover your town. Adventure through new corridors. Let the vast blue sky galvanize you to dream. Let’s turn America into an EverWalk NATION!






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